Some Times My Life Is Easy

            So I was thinking today as I was working on a client’s image, that sometimes my life as a photographer is pretty easy. Not every session goes as I plan. I know that I can’t control the weather or if Johnny had his knap today, but every once in a while the stars will align and I have little kids do everything I ask and even some things I don’t!


            I photographed the Gill family at the end of the summer. They were a fun family. Actually they kind of reminded me of the way my family was back when we all lived near each other. It took a lot to get them to the beach on time but when they all arrived the light was great.


            So I did my thing with all the family poses and Christine was doing her candid shots that she is great at capturing. The kids were great and everyone worked well with us. When it was all said and done the session was as close to perfect as I have had for a long time. As I was talking to the moms about how to view their images the girl started looking at shells and walking up the beach. Now with that golden light and beautiful little girls, a photographer could not ask for more! I couldn’t let that opportunity slip a way.


            So sometimes, not that often the best images are those that just happen and as a photographer you can’t let them happen beyond the view of your lens!



Christmas Time

            Well Christmas was a crazy time at the studio. I photographed a lot of families and even more little kids. So…I haven’t had time to update everyone on the amusing things that happen in the life of a children’s photographer. I have lots of stories saved up and I will be sharing them with you over the next several months. I hope everyone had a great holiday and will have a prosperous 2011!


Little Ears Are Listening!


            So I was in the camera room the other day photographing a family of three. Just when the little girl Jessie, who is four, started to smile at me my camera’s battery died. I left the camera room to grab a fresh one and Dad went to the bathroom.


            I returned before Dad. Mommy told Jessie to hide and jump out to scare Daddy. Boy did she ever. She hid behind the door. When Dad came in she jumped out and made a “little girl” monster roar. Dad really jumped!


            The whole situation made me laugh. I got a bigger laugh when Jessie asked her Dad if she scared him?


            Dad said, “Yes honey you almost scared the pee out of me.”


            To which Jessie responded, “Darn I wanted to scare the shit out of you.”

She said it as serious as I’ve ever heard a little girl say anything.


            I came to find out later that Daddy always scares Mommy and Mommy always screams, “Damn it you scared the shit out of me!”


            It goes to show that your kids are always listening to you and they will repeat everything you say at one point or another.


Interpreting a Two Year Old

          Well today was a studio day and I had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and Emma. Now these girls have been coming to the studio for a while now. Sarah is four years old little girl that knows what she likes and doesn’t like…one of the things she doesn’t like is me! Now Emma on the other hand, to Moms surprise loves me. We were doing fall pictures and so we had some gorges and pumpkins for the girls to play with. Emma was very sweet and brought her little pumpkin over to me and gave it to me with a big smile on her face. Sarah in turn came over and snatched it out of my hand and said, “ That is NOT yours!!!” That really shows the difference in how these sister view me.


            Granted the pumpkin thing really made me laugh that is not what made me laugh the most in Sarah and Emma’s session. I had to go back to the equipment room to grab a fresh battery and Sarah and Emma were sitting at the little tea table chatting. (I forgot to tell you that Emma is a very strong willed two-year old.) I looked at their Mom and she smiled and shrugged her shoulder and said, “ They are talking about you.”


            This really amused me. What could these two little girls be saying about me? So I stayed back a minute and listened.


Sarah “Emma is Jason your boyfriend?”

Emma (Two year old ramblings)

Sarah “I am just saying, that you really act like he is your boyfriend.”

Emma (Two year old ramblings)

Sarah “I don’t know why I don’t like him.”

Emma (Two year old ramblings)

Sarah “No, he’s not funny.”


            So I peeked my head and told the girls I was back. To which Emma laughed and Sarah furrowed her eyebrows at me. One day I will win her over.  As I walked into the camera room I thought to myself… “Was I hearing this right?” Could Sarah actually understand her little sister? Every once in a while Emma would break out a word clear as day but for the most part it was nonsense to me. So that really got me thinking can every four year old understand the little kid language? If they can would it be wrong for me to just have a little four-year old interpreter with me all day! It could be the newest craze it children’s photography.


I want to welcome everyone to the new Nothern Lights Studio's Blog. This will be a new adventure for both Christine and I. I am hoping to use this Blog to share my amusing stories about my adventures as a children's photographer a.k.a baby wrangler. As anyone with kids or anyone that deals with kids on a regular basis knows they say some of the funniest things. I photograph children almost every day, and in doing so I talk to them....a lot. So I hope you all find the stories, photographs and tid bits of what children do as funny as I do.