Interpreting a Two Year Old

          Well today was a studio day and I had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and Emma. Now these girls have been coming to the studio for a while now. Sarah is four years old little girl that knows what she likes and doesn’t like…one of the things she doesn’t like is me! Now Emma on the other hand, to Moms surprise loves me. We were doing fall pictures and so we had some gorges and pumpkins for the girls to play with. Emma was very sweet and brought her little pumpkin over to me and gave it to me with a big smile on her face. Sarah in turn came over and snatched it out of my hand and said, “ That is NOT yours!!!” That really shows the difference in how these sister view me.


            Granted the pumpkin thing really made me laugh that is not what made me laugh the most in Sarah and Emma’s session. I had to go back to the equipment room to grab a fresh battery and Sarah and Emma were sitting at the little tea table chatting. (I forgot to tell you that Emma is a very strong willed two-year old.) I looked at their Mom and she smiled and shrugged her shoulder and said, “ They are talking about you.”


            This really amused me. What could these two little girls be saying about me? So I stayed back a minute and listened.


Sarah “Emma is Jason your boyfriend?”

Emma (Two year old ramblings)

Sarah “I am just saying, that you really act like he is your boyfriend.”

Emma (Two year old ramblings)

Sarah “I don’t know why I don’t like him.”

Emma (Two year old ramblings)

Sarah “No, he’s not funny.”


            So I peeked my head and told the girls I was back. To which Emma laughed and Sarah furrowed her eyebrows at me. One day I will win her over.  As I walked into the camera room I thought to myself… “Was I hearing this right?” Could Sarah actually understand her little sister? Every once in a while Emma would break out a word clear as day but for the most part it was nonsense to me. So that really got me thinking can every four year old understand the little kid language? If they can would it be wrong for me to just have a little four-year old interpreter with me all day! It could be the newest craze it children’s photography.

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