Little Ears Are Listening!


            So I was in the camera room the other day photographing a family of three. Just when the little girl Jessie, who is four, started to smile at me my camera’s battery died. I left the camera room to grab a fresh one and Dad went to the bathroom.


            I returned before Dad. Mommy told Jessie to hide and jump out to scare Daddy. Boy did she ever. She hid behind the door. When Dad came in she jumped out and made a “little girl” monster roar. Dad really jumped!


            The whole situation made me laugh. I got a bigger laugh when Jessie asked her Dad if she scared him?


            Dad said, “Yes honey you almost scared the pee out of me.”


            To which Jessie responded, “Darn I wanted to scare the shit out of you.”

She said it as serious as I’ve ever heard a little girl say anything.


            I came to find out later that Daddy always scares Mommy and Mommy always screams, “Damn it you scared the shit out of me!”


            It goes to show that your kids are always listening to you and they will repeat everything you say at one point or another.


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