Some Times My Life Is Easy

            So I was thinking today as I was working on a client’s image, that sometimes my life as a photographer is pretty easy. Not every session goes as I plan. I know that I can’t control the weather or if Johnny had his knap today, but every once in a while the stars will align and I have little kids do everything I ask and even some things I don’t!


            I photographed the Gill family at the end of the summer. They were a fun family. Actually they kind of reminded me of the way my family was back when we all lived near each other. It took a lot to get them to the beach on time but when they all arrived the light was great.


            So I did my thing with all the family poses and Christine was doing her candid shots that she is great at capturing. The kids were great and everyone worked well with us. When it was all said and done the session was as close to perfect as I have had for a long time. As I was talking to the moms about how to view their images the girl started looking at shells and walking up the beach. Now with that golden light and beautiful little girls, a photographer could not ask for more! I couldn’t let that opportunity slip a way.


            So sometimes, not that often the best images are those that just happen and as a photographer you can’t let them happen beyond the view of your lens!



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